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    1. Welcome to Shantou Wetry Machinery Co., Ltd.
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      Website usage statement

      Date:2020-02-15      Publisher:

      When you visit, browse or use Shantou Wetry Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the “Wetry”) website, it means that you have already read,understood and agreed to be bound by the following articles and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not accept any of the following articles, please stop using this website.


      一、 Use of the Website    

      Our website only can be used to know relevant information about Wetry and its products, to purchase relevant products of Wetry through the online shopping platform of the website and to acquire help and technical support from the Customer Service. The use of website shall not violate the laws, regulations and public morals.



      二、 Publication, Modification and Renewal of the Website Information    

      Wetry has the right to publish new information or modify, renew or cancel any contents including this legal notice at any time without sending any notices to you and acquiring your approval.

      The contents of our website or the products, services and prices contained in these contents may be changed at any time without further notices.

      Wetry endeavors to keep the promptness of the information of the website, but the contents of our website may be outdated. Wetry does not promise to update

      the information timely. The information we published may be inaccessible in your local place. You may consult your local salesmen or agents of Wetry.


      三、 Unguaranteed Statement    

      Although Wetry strives to provide with accurate materials and contents, but Wetry does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, sufficiency and reliability of materials and information displayed on this website, including but not limited to contexts, pictures, statistics, views, advice, webpages and links, etc. We are not explicitly or implicitly intended to make any guarantees on these materials and information, including but not limited to the guarantees in relation to rights, qualification and no computer virus. We explicitly state that we will not bear legal liability for omission or mistakes of these materials and information. Wetry also does not provide any statements, warrants or approvals regarding any products, services or information of the website. All selling products and services should be bound by the sale contracts and relevant articles of our company.


      四、 Rights Declaration    

      The intellectual property rights and other rights contained in our website should be respected. If no rights declaration is included in the contents, it shall not be deemed that our website does not enjoy or waive the rights for it. You should respect lawful right and interest of the obligees and legitimately use the content according to the laws, regulations and the principle of good faith. You shall not copy, modify, make public, exhibit, publish, distribute or upload these materials in any means or use them for any improper purposes in other means. You cannot use these materials on any other websites or other print media or internet computer environment for any purposes.

      The contents and their assembly of our website are protected by Copyright Law and other laws. Any unauthorized use may constitute the violation of the Copyright Law and other legal rights. The trademarks and identifications (hereafter referred to as “trademark”) used and displayed in our website are the trademarks registered or unregistered by Wetry, except those trademarks marked as belonging to other parties. The use or access to any contents of our website by you shall not be regarded to authorize you the rights to use relevant trademarks. You cannot use the trademark of Wetry in any means without prior written admission.


      五、 Information Submitted by Users    

      If you send any materials or information to or from the website, it means that you have already agreed the following articles:

      (1)This material or information does not contain any illegal or improper contents;

      (2) You have already strived to check, approve and cancel virus or other infective or destructive sectors before you submitted the materials or information.

      (3) You are entitled to the materials and have unlimited rights to provide such materials to us, and Wetry is entitled to publish such materials free of charge and to integrate such materials or any ideas described therein into our products without bearing any responsibilities or liabilities.

      (4) You agree that you will not have any claims against Wetry regarding the materials or information submitted by you, and you also agree that you will compensate Wetry for any losses if any other party makes claims for the materials or information that you submitted.


      六、 Limitation of Liability    

      Wetry will not be responsible for any damages relevant to the website (including but not limit to the loss of profit, the loss of data, indirect losses, incidental losses or damages caused by the interruption of services based on any reasons), whether these damages are the results caused by the use or unable to use the website, or caused by the website linked to our website or the information contained in any this kind of websites.


      七、Applicable Law and Jurisdiction    

      The disputes arising out of this notice and visiting, browsing or using this website shall be governed by the law of PRC. The disputes shall be settled through consultation, in case of failure of such consultation, the parties unanimously agree to submit to the People’s Court of Shantou Jinping District.





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